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Poor Performance in Large Workspace


New member
I'm running WF2 on a Unix platform with an Intralinkworkspace with 6,000+ components in it. When I work inside a simplified rep and activate the search tool it takes a long time for the search tool dialoque box to open up. This slowness is not just with the search tool. Assembly retrieval,collapsing and expanding the model tree also takes forever. Does anyone know of a way to improve the performance while working in a large workspace? Thanks.


New member
Do you have workspace frames enabled?Purging frames may help ...

There is also option in Preferences->Application Behaviour called something like

Never.Update manually ... Don't remember exactly,don't have intralink in front of me now ..


New member
How about your Local.ddb file size? see if it is very big,let say over 2 GB,may be it is time to remove .proi directory and start fresh ... Check in,remove .proi and start ... I know from experience you have to watch this Local.ddb file,sometimes it may cause your workspace corruption ...


New member
How about trying to reduce the number of columns in the WS table
display you are using?

We use some22 custom attributes in Intralink (that are also designated
parameters in our start part files) to populate our drawing formats and have
found that, at times, when the WS gets old, the local.ddb gets large and there are
alot of items in the WS, this has bogged things down considerably in both
Pro and Intralink.

Even though your local.ddb may be of reasonable size, it may have become
corrupt due to the shear numbers of files in your WS.

If none of these suggestions improve the situation, I would check in or export
to disk any new items and check in any modified items and re-create the entire
.proi directory structure as kimale suggested.

Hope this helps,