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plzzzzz help


New member
hey guys ....

i have a simple turning operatin to be done ... i have a few clarifications ...

.. is there a way to make the work piece rotate during turning ??

... i also have a fixture and when i go into the simulation mode the fixture disappears . how do make it appear in simulation ...?

... i have two nc sequences ( 2 operations) defined , i want them to be sequentially executed ... ie, one after the other .. is it possible ???? or in other words my second operation must happen on the workpiece after it has been modified by th e first nc sequence ..

plz any reply appreciated ....

Hello devarajan,

I used to be a consultant for PTC for the manufacturing modules and as far as I know you can not rotate the part when simulating the toolpath. However, I am not sure if Vericut at this point is able to do it or if you have the full blown license that may have that capability. As far as simulating the toolpath on screen internal to Pro/E there is no way to view the part rotating and view the removal of the material. Hope this helps!



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