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plz help


New member
can anyone send me the help files, exercises for part,assembly,surface modelling,drafting, sheet metal,DMU kinematics, and macros.

i have learnt the basics and i want to get a deep knowledge in CATIA before i join the company on june 1.

i use CATIA V5 R14
Well, I'm glad to have the incoming message from you. Don't
worry pals I'll give the tutorial you need. But, for the recent time
I'm in busy. So be wait! I promisse to give you one I made.

Best Regards,

HI Guys

I am new to catia too. I am using V5R10. If anybody have any starting tutorial or whatever, plz share with me. I am en expert on Pro/e, if anybody needs anything on it I can share.
I have catia materials including the followings:

catia v5 r17 sp3 Software 2CD
catia v5 r17 Help document 4CD

CATIA v5r17 Training 20CD

catia v5 A-class surfaces, Reverse engineering,advanced video courses with demonstrations of car 15CD .

Otherwise there are some other training courses, about 20CD.

They are not for free. If anyone needs, please email to [email protected].

The above URL are just part of demostrations. This is my e-shop.
Hi vishnumz,

Here are some examples of free tutorials that I created in
reply to questions asked on the CATIA forum.

The tutorial links are: itable&ign_value=mfrhHxKph80%3D&runmode=1 itable&ign_value=M9Z1j51jFpc%3D&runmode=1 itable&ign_value=LdSnGbBzP1Y%3D&runmode=1

are many other CATIAV5 tutorials at and I recommend
that others put similar tutorials up there. Best thing is FREE.

ps: There are many courses at however they are not free.



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