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Plotting of drawing with ipeg/bmp


New member
Whenever I plot this drawing with a jpeg/bmp, the image does not plot/print. The usual procedure is to print to acrobat, then to the printer, but I have tried printing directly to the printer. Neither method works. The image does not even appear in the acrobat file. What good is it to put an image in a drawing if it can't be printed?

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New member
If this is a windows system, you cannot print using a normal pcf file. The easy way to print this type of drawing is to specify the Microsoft Print Manager which is the default when you hit the print button.

Because this is a Microsoft OLE object embedded in your Pro/E drawing, only the Microsoft Print Manager understands where to get the image for printing. Sad but true.


Allthough MS is a bloated self important corporation, without Mr. Gates there would be NO way to do this currently. Or is there? Anyone?


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