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Plastic Design


New member
Does anyone have a good reference for plastic design. I am new to
draft and bosses and it would be nice to have a plastic design
resource. E-Funda is ok, but not comprehensive by any means.

Thanks in advance.


New member
engineersedge.com has a nice resource...amazon.com has some good books if that is what you are looking for


Mr.Plastic - that looks like anice reference site as well. I noticed that they also have a single PDF file conaining all of the 'Design' section of the website.

To get it, go to this page anddownload the PDF from the right-side menu:

I like having PDF copies of these types of references locally so that I'm not dependent on the websites in the future...



New member
Mold Engineering by Herbert Rees is a good resource. not cheap- but very thoro and robust design concepts.