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plastic advisor


New member
I have already read ptc tutorial of plastic advisor. Can any one suggest me any other site where I can find material about plastic advisor.

Is plastic advisor is a PTC product?
We use Plastic Advisor but I could not tell you a site where you can find more informantion. The software is a PTC add on and it very easy to use for quick mold flow checks.
when u use plastic advisor a separate window opens and it does not look like other ptc products.

also u don't find any help document in the ptc help

plastic advisor have separte help files
Plastic Advisor is a Moldflow product

which interfaces nicely with Pro/E, you can find more info there, as well as their bigger programs Plastic Insight and Plastic Xpert and others.

You can search the web for moldflow, and may find some more info.
Pro Plastic Advisor is based on Part Advisor copywrited work of Moldflow Pty. Ltd.. But it is a Licensed PTC product. Like ViZ says you should be able to find something on the web by searching moldflow but your best bet might be to just contact a PTC rep.
hi..plastic advisor has a very detailed help section..why don't u just try going through it. I am sure it will clear all your doubts..i have learnt it just using those help files..


I would suggest contacting Moldflow for additional support. They are the current manufacturer of the software. PTC, as they do with many packages or add-ons, did not create the software but merely license it's use. Moldflow actually developed the current software after purchasing it from CMold. It was previously known as Cmold 3D Quickfill which was one of the earliest analysis programs to offer that expanse of functionality. I'm sure they inherited much of the original documentation and could track down info involved in the development of the current software. Hope this helps.

Anyone have any comments on Plastic Advisor?

I would like to know how good it is on small parts for say 1/4 square and down.
thanks to all for thier replies

i am designing very small plastic components. 0.1 dimension means a lot to us. Does the result of pastic advisor accurate enough to depend on? I am surprised with the location of weld lines and air hole in many cases shown by plastic advisor.

is thier any other software available like this, which u consider to be more reliable?
Hi Cadre,

I use plastic advisor a lot (to validate all my part designs). I have also used the regular Mold Flow software and I found the results of plastic advisor fairly consistent with the full blown analysis(fast fill). My opinion is that Plastic advisor is a very decent flow analysis tool for the 'first time right' approach and to validate your part design. I have developed a fair amount of confidence in the software. You should also keep in mind that the results are based on so many assumptions like gate location (most important), processing conditions, etc., and varying these will give vastly different results. In other words, like any other software, it works on the 'garbage in, garbage out' principle.To make the results more realistic, try to consult a mold designer, who can help you locate the more realistic gate location.
With good background knowledge of injection molding behaviour and polymer behaviour, one can use plastic advisor to confirm areas of uniform fill and pressure criteria.Could be of high value at the product design stage of a plastic component.
Hi Cadre,

For tiny parts where 0,1(i think mm) is a lot as you say! ... I would consider a double verification. I mean you can run Plastic Advisor and have some results which are theoretical. Those sould be used to improve the mould design. As second verification I think better would be talk with the "plastic guy" - suport guy from resin manufacturer (they can give you some extra advice with deep undertanding of your resin). or ... you can drop me a line I may help you, funtion of my spare time. cheers, Adrian


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