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Plans & Drawings needed!!


New member
Anyone know of a company or individual that offers a service to draw plans and drawings for my business we manufacture cubby houses and sheds and would like some plans drawn up to make it easier for manufacturing our items that way we can print out a copy of plans and cutting lists for each different size job and so on.

And if so any ideas on how much per hour they charge??

Thanks Shayne


New member
Hello Shayne,

Just today I saw your post, and that no-one else has offered you services yet. We are a CAD services contracting company in the Northwest United States. We often take care of the plans and drawings for numerous companies.

Our rates vary from US$50 to $100 per hour, if the contract is an 'open P.O.' type of situation. If the job makes more sense to bid for one lump sum for a well defined Scope-of-Work then we can bid that form of work also. The value our customers find in using us for their CAD work, is that we can get 5 to 10 times as much design work done per hour because of our depth of experience with Solidworks and Manufacturing, resulting in high productivity and short turn-around cycles, with the added bonus of flexablity in the costs. You only pay for the work performed, not for the entire overhead of hiring your own employees and trying to keep them equaly busy when the work load might be high now, but a lot lower later on.

For more information about us, check out our website at:


Tony and myself are the principles of the company, however we do employ other drafters to increase our capacity as needed.

I hope this information can be of service to you,

Tim Ganstrom, CSWP

VEA | Design Services LLC