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Pipe feature not showing up.


New member
One of our Users created a pipe feature and it doesn't show up on the display. It shows the centerline only. You can get info on the pipe including size, length, etc...

Just no display.

Are we missing something here? Any ideas?
i had the same problem. read the manual and find.

in assy's, you only see the centerline. as part, you see the pipe. Now i make datumpoint in my assy and use this points to make a new part (pipe)
I have created many pipes and tubes for our applications and I have not seen this problem. The procedure to use is to create datum points offset from a coordinate system then create the pipe feature using those points. You may also want to check if there is a conflict in the dimensions of the pipe.

Any and all pipes and tubes will show in assemblies as a part and not just a centerline.


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