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Pin and Bushing-Assembly connection


New member
I have a sub-assembly of a pin and a bushing. It goes on to a press- the bushing gets screwed to the lower shoe and the pin to the top. Now I want this sub-assy to be flexibly assembled, so that it can be assembled to any press no matter what the shut height is (dist. bet upper and lower shoes). How do I do this? I am not very good in mechanisms and connections- could really use some help on that.

I tried with 'cylinder' and 'slider' connections, still can't get it work. Is there any other simpler way of doing this?

Thanks in Advance.


New member
Thanks for the reply Jeff4136.

I run wildfire and I do see this option 'Make Flexible' when I right click on an assy component. But my problem is, the component by itself is not flexible (like a spring). It's the location of it which keeps changing (i.e Bushing in the bottom shoe is fixed and the pin which is attached to the top shoe moves up and down).

If I have understood the Pro/E help abt 'Flexible components' (I chkd it after seeing your reply), 'Make flexible' doesn't make the component's location flexible, but the component itself.

Pls. correct me if I am wrong.


New member
Use a relationship to make the component flexible. In other words if your pin changes height according to the distance between the shoes, create an Evaluate feature to measure the distance and make your pin = to that measurement. I do not know the procedure to create an Evaluate feature in Wildfire. In 2001 it is Insert>Datum>Evaluate. It does sound like you are making things more difficult than they need to be.


New member

I'm a little fuzzy on this, but try...

Create your pin-bush assy locating the first part default (for instance) then create an assy datum plane that will define the offset for the second component and constrain second part to it. Drop the assy in a higher level and constrain referencing the first component, assy datums, etc. RMB the pin-bush assy and Make Flexible. When the Varied Items dialog opens (dimension tab's showing) click the datum in pin-bush assy, click the offset dimension when it shows, click in the dialog Dimension field; the d# should show. Click Select / OK. Click in the Method field of dialog, select Distance. The standard Measure function dialog shows. Define the measurement, click Close. The dimension should show in the Varied Items dialog and should be associative.

That seems to be the way it works, anyway. I'm using WF2 so we might see some differences in procedure.


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