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New member
I am looking for some tips and or tutorials for photorender, We have a need to render a product with a chrome look, shadows, reflections, etc. does anyone have a good lighting and room setup we could use?

Can you use another software than a ProE or that must be rendering in a ProEngineer?

If you want good renders I can help
I often have this problem ie to create a chrome look, but I think with ProE it is difficult to create.

Good luck Spark4.....! If you get it right let me know. THKS

Similar problem I have with Photorender.

I need to give effect of Plain transperant glass on one of my recently designed product. If anybody knows how to make it please let meknow.
Thanks for the help guys, I am playing with all the settings now.


We tried to get the iges file into alius wavefront but were unsuccesfull, the file was over 250 meg


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