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Performance degradation over time


New member
We have noticed that our system performance degrades over time (a few days to a week) since installing Wildfire. These are problems like regenerating that takes minutes, saving that takes minutes. Our server remains on all the time and when we reboot things go back to normal untill it degrades over time. Any ideas??



New member
I can only speak from my workstation performance. I am also working on UNIX.

I did a benchmark of what happened as I worked in Pro/E, erased Pro/E drawings, parts and assemblies from memory. The longer I worked, the less memory I had to work with, eventually requiring a reboot to recapture lost memory. The moral of my story was, the longer you worked in Pro/E with various drawings, parts and assemblies being called up and erased, the less memory you had to work with compared to a fresh Pro/E startup.


New member
When in doubt - cycle power.

In don't think PTC deals with memory very well and as I recall, neither did UG.

Steve C


New member
This problem has been around forever. On Win 2K OS you will see a gradual increase in memory usage as you use a single session of Pro E over a number of days or through a number of large unrelated assemblies even if you erase memory. However, it's been our experience that all memory is freed up if you just shut down the session of Pro E and restart a new one. A full reboot isn't necessary.


New member
Wildfire will run for days without crashing? Can you tell me what hardware you are using?

I can run for a few hours, but I haven't made it past a day yet.



New member
p4 2.6c

2 gig ram

512 wildcat vp pro video

wildfire rarely crashes.

what hardware are you using?

which build of WF do you have?



New member
My opinion

There is not problem with ProE, but with Os and their management of swap file and memory. If you tune machine correctly you will get better performances, and to much SP-s only make some new processes in task manager. I think that fresh reinstalling OS is important, btw for many other reasons, and some programs for registry clean don


New member
I'm using a laptop and running the latest build. But I don't think my graphics card is supported anymore (GeForce4 440 Go). The software runs fast on the laptop, but it chashes predictably after 3 to 4 hours.

Speling, do you have any suggestions for OS tuning? For instance, I've been told turning off Windows Display Effects can improve performance.



New member

Run system tuned for best performance, not appearances (ugly like win 98) :)

(Advanced system options),

Fix swap file minimum twice as memory