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PDX Component Libraries


New member
We are a tool&die unit making progressive dies for sheetmetal components, and we recently started using PTC's PDX (Progressive Die Extension) package. We still are in the process of developing all the die components and populate our component-engine libraries. Now, is there any source or a way to get these components from anyone or anywhere? If not all, atleast the more commonly used ones, like pins and bushings of the die etc., It'll help us speed up our development process in a great way.


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I too am a tool designer and have looked at PDX 2.1 on an evaluation basis. My trial period has ended, but I seem to remember that a lot of component parts were included with the package.

It would be great to have other tool designers to share PDX info with and shorten the learning curve.

Were you able to find a class for PDX?? Here in the Chicago area the classes are held on an as needed basis with 3 attendees as a minimum.



New member
We also had the same situation here as for the classes, but we asked the PTC person to come to our company to do the training (and to our advantage he happened to live pretty close to our place). We did a few strip layouts with PDX and he showed us how to create our own library of components.

But, it looks like a lot of work to build all the components and seems that it will be a long time before we start building our dies with PDX. That's why I was looking to find a source so that we can save some time on those.

Its still the same now and I am working on few of the 'easy' components and still waiting on figuring out some sources.


New member
Hi anandel, hi JONGPC

I am from the company who develops PDX for PTC. We are located in germany so it is hard to offer you a training how to extend the PDX library. You can ask for Todd Stecker from PTC, he is perfect in customizing PDX library and he is located in the Detroit area. I think he can give you some training/consulting how to customize PDX library. When you have understand the basics and have further questions you can contact us for help.



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Hi Jon,<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />

I too am a tool design engineer in Chicago and currently using PDX 2.1 on a 90-day evaluation basis.
Which company here in Chicago offers classes on PDX?



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