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pdf file from a .drw file


New member
Can anyone please help, my question is:

How do I create a PDF file directly from my DRW file with correct line thickness.



You have to create a Postscript (.ps extension) file of the drw and then use Adobe Distiller to convert it to a .pdf extension.

You may want to try this application which is a PDF Converter. A little similar to TIFF file creation. Once installed it will be listed as a printer in your printers dialouge box.

We have been using it for some time and it has been very good. Although they say a message is printed on each page stating that the document has been generated with an evaluation version of the PDF converter, I am yet to see it and I have done at least 80 files.

Use the link below or type the info into your explorer address bar.

Hope this was of some help

How do I get a postscript option in the proe Print Manager to appear so that I can create a Postscipt file?

Then all is clear as I can use GSView to create a pdf file using File, Print; Device: pdfwrite and print to file.

It is a very long-winded, but I prefer this method as I am not expert enough to place a pcf and batch file in their correct places and then create a mapkey to automate the whole process directly from the proe ambient.


Not sure if you did this, but: File>Print: click on the plus-down arrow button, and it shows the options of MS Print Manager or Generic Color Postscript. Choose the Generic Color Postscript and print to a file. Search hard drive for the .ps file. If you don't have the option, your configuration manager needs to set it up.
There's a bunch of utilities out there for converting postscript to pdf - checkout Adobe Distiller which is bundled with Acrobat is good. Neevia's another one, Ghostscript another.

To create a postscript of your drawing you have to create a plot file which typically has the .plt extension - this needs to be .ps


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