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New member
I need to draw a couple if gears.

so basically I need to pattern something angularily

say i m drawing on the top datum...i would make a temp. datum at an angle to the top or right plane

and then I make a slice of the gear (like pizza) and pattern it this way...but I am keep on getting Pro/E patterning only a semi-circle instead the whole thing....I am a novice...can someone point me some thing I should know???
Not good to pattern segments like this - you'll probably get an edge mismatch between faces getting incrementally worse until the worst at the mating faces between the pattern leader and the last pattern instance.

Create your gear blank first (all 360 deg) and then cut the teeth and use a datum-on-the-fly to create your pattern angle. (i.e. don't put this angle in your sketch).
These has been really good advise...

thank you both very much..

Can any recommend any good Pro/E site like this one (preferrably free, 'f course, can't afford much)??


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