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patterning teeth


New member
Hi All,

I am having trouble with patterning some teeth ona model I am working on. I am trying to get the teeth to follow a curve that is made up of 4 different segments of different size radii. I am able to do kind of cheat, and do 4 differnt groups & tweak the spoacing so that it looks really close, but I would like to have just one group. When I try some of the methods in the ptc tutorial & help sections, I cant make enough sense out of how to apply to my model. Would anyone be interested in looking at my model? I am working in 2001 right now. By the way, when I select the curve, I have tried selecting the entire curve.




i will have to have a look @ it to be able to comment :)

99% of patterening on a curve is done with datum points and then having the features modelled referencing the datum points.

then patterening it .

hope this helps.

you really should add jpg of ur problem to help people help u.