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Patterned Feature problem In Family Table


New member
Every time I create a feature (hole) in an instance belonging to a family table and pattern it, Wildfire (student edition) will create the pattern with an error message after each regeneration . I never encountered such a probelm with Proe 2001....

Any suggestion what the problem might be....

thank you


New member
Errors in My models TCI-BW-3-1118.PRT


!*** ERR: pattern members of feature 842 are not suppressed together

!*** ERR: pattern member 844 is unattached from pattern leader 842

!*** ERR: pattern member 845 is unattached from pattern leader 842

!*** ERR: pattern member 846 is unattached from pattern leader 842

it is a linear identical pattern. If I create the hole in the generic part and pattern it, it works fine but if I create the hole in an instance of the model and pattern it the above error log file pops out. the pattern is created but every time i regeneragte the instance the message will pop out again. I did the same part with proe 2001 student edition and it works fine. ...

the pattern leader is 842. the next pattern member should be 843 I would assume. the part has five holes in total (leader + 4 holes).


I never use anything but General for all patterns. Too many regen issues and too little benifit with Identical


New member
Thanks for the suggestions but both pattern options (identical and general) are generating exactly the same error. I'll just use Proe 2001 for now...

thanks again for all the replies.



New member

Did you try to create the pattern in the generic using the same exact references you were using in the instance?