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Pattern Table


Does anyone know how to replace the pattern leader of a patterned component? I have a pattern table with various members of a family table and need to replace the pattern leader. When I do this I lose the whole pattern. I have tried a couple of things, like exporting table file, editing and reimporting. Can anyone please help?

Have you tried Component > Adv Utils > Replace? If you are replacing a component with a family table member, use By Familly Table Member. If you are replacing your component with different component altogether, use By Layout. This keeps references on the assembly, but forces you to redefine the component constraints on the component. If you are replacing it by a different component altogether, then you will have to redefine your pattern. It's easier to Del Pattern first, replace your component, then re-pattern.
Hello proe user

Sometimes I have the same problem

If the components are similar just close proe, delete the component (suppose it has a name proe.prt) you want to replace and replace this file with the component you want by the same name (proe.prt), be careful for the extension


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