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pattern problems


New member
I have a simple pattern of 3 cilynders and now i want to add a rib to each of them. I've created an intersect of datum plane and cylinder, made a rib. Then i patterned an intersection curve, but when trying to pattern the rib, ProE says "cannot intersect part with feature". What may be the problem?

There's the file: 2005-04-25_011346_temp.rar


New member

I tried out one method

1. first complete extrusion and rib features

2. now pattern the extrude alone for the required number ,direction and dimension

3. then now pattern the rib alone

4. don't try to change the default options , just click the rib feature and right click then click the pattern option and just press enter or middle button

5. now you will get the required shape

if u have any doubts you can always ask me

M.Arun Kumar