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pattern in family table


New member
Can you incorporate pattern dimensions & # of instances into a family table?

I want to make a family table driven part, but have a particular feature be pattern driven, but through the table. Lets call the feature a grid of holes. The generic will be 2x2. The first family table instances will have a hole grid of 3x3. The next fam. tab. inst. will have a hole grid of 4x4, and so on...

How can this be done? I'm on very little sleep right now & can't seem to figure this out. I'm sure when someone tells me I'm going to smack myself in the forehead.
Just add 'P' number as you would add dimension.

Goto add/delete table columns and select dimension '2 holes' to add to family table.

BTW, I'm using 2001.
Another option is to use a Pattern Table instead of a Dimension Pattern. That way you can store multiple different configurations in the same model file, and you've got more flexibility in locating your instances.

Then when creating the Family Table, click the Add Column icon, and select Pattern Table.

David Martin

Torgon Industries