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Pattern feature in sketcher


New member
Not to make this a rant but patterns in Pro/E are in my opinion the weakest feature compared to any other CAD system I've used.

Surely, it couldn't be that difficult to add a pattern feature to sketcher. That would overcome a lot of the problems caused by how patterns must be specially defined and grouped in order to make a pattern of a pattern.


New member
Try SolidWorks, they're even worse.

PTC in their infinite wisdom got rid of make-datums in Misfire which greatly made pattern creation more robust.


New member
I think the reason you can't pattern a sketch in sketcher mode is the regeneration time and complexity of the sketch


New member
Even then pattern in sketch would be a good potion and it will help a lot in small patterns and a extra feature is reduced since it is done in sketcher itself


New member
This approach is not exactly patterning, but it works. Highlight your sketched geometry you wish to pattern (copy), choose Edit/Copy. Move and rotate the copy to it's new position.


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