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pattern along a curve


New member
I am trying to pattern a coordinate system along a curve. I made a pattern of points along a sketched datum curve. Then patterned an axis that is oriented tangent to the curve and referenced/thru the points. I then patterned another axis thru the points and normal to the plane that the curve was sketched on. I then made a coordinate system that is oriented by thepatterned points and the (2) axes patterns. The coordinate system will not maintain the orientation that I am looking for and that should be controlled by the (2) axes patterns. All that said I am looking for a way to pattern the coordinate system such that one axis is oriented tangent to the curve and the other is normal to the curve. Any solutions?

The first feature of each patterned feature is in the bottom portion of the screen below. Notice how the 1st of the coordinate systems is oriented correctly with respect to the curve as defined by the patterned axes. But when the coordinate system is patterned it does not follow the patterned axes, which are patterned off of the first set of axes that the first coordinate system is defined by. Sorry so longwinded , just wanted to be clear.



New member
Yep,creating each feature ( (1) point, (2) axes, and (1) coord. syst.) then grouping them and then pattern the group worked like a champ.

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