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New member
Hello everybody,

I'm doing a large scale project involving many libraries of componants in a number of directries. When assembling componants from these directories I have found that the failure box pops up every time I load up a saved assembly. I know that it's probably to do with ProE's search paths but I haven't a clue as to how to change them. Any ideas.

Thanks now for later sort of thing.
I had the same problem. Pro/e has lots of libraries like object library, you should install the corresponding libraries in pro/e folder (the same folder) not something else. This should work...
Pro-E first searches your current working directory for parts for the assemblies.

It then goes down the list of search paths called out in your file. The location of this file is called out in the file with the search_path_file option.

If I were guessing, you have parts spread all over those directories with the same name. If the part is not in your current working directory, Pro-E will go find the first one it comes across as it goes down the list of search paths ( If its a different version of the part originally stored, it may fail. Terrible, isn't it? I'm working on getting Intralink to avoid this mess. Have fun!
Create a search path file by a name . Open in notepad and add all the directory paths where library components are lying.

In the add option SEARCH_PATH_FILE=full path of you created above

Now assemblies will not fail.
Thanks rbanga, that's exactly the solution I used. I have many directories in the search path file and add to it everytime I make a new one. Pro/E does take a little longer when opening assemblies but it's done the trick none the less.


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