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Parts not allowed to be altered


New member

I have a problem: Environment: Pro/E2001, No Intralink, 3 workstations using the same files of parts and sub-assemblies saved in a folder on server.

Question 1. How to give exclusive rights over files only to their creator or project responssible?

Question 2. How to block alteration of part taken from a product into another product. (Remark: I do not like the idea to copy that part with other name in the new product)




New member
The safest and most complete solution is to buy Intralink Im afraid which will do all you are asking.

I think your only alternative is to store the files in a directory on the server where the access rights are set so that only that person can read or write to them or even access them at all.


You have to control the permissions at the directory level because Pro/E writes a new file everytime you save. You will also have to make sure that you have all the config options set properly like override_store_back.