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Partial BOM table


New member
Hi all,

When I make a drawing (or report) of an assembly, I use a .frm file that already has a BOM table defined.

Sometimes, when I have a complex assembly with many parts, I use many sheets (we only use A4 paper format sheets). On most sheets, I hide a number of parts so that I can show in the drawings how the assembly is build up, step by step. This is interesting for the people in the toolshop so they can see how all the parts in the assembly have to be assembled.

When I add a sheet, every new sheet contains the complete BOM table. This is not always what I want.

For example, the first few sheets only contain a few parts. I add BOM balloons only to these parts, but nevertheless the entire BOM table shows on the sheet.

How can I get a BOM table that only shows those parts that are shown on the sheet or those parts that have a BOM balloon?

Kind regards

Adding a filter, either by item (tedious) or by rule (may be complicated), to the BOM table would be my guess. Filters are located in the Table > Repeat Regions > Attributes menu in 2000i2 IIRC. The BOM table drives the balloons; you can't make the balloons drive the contents of the BOM table.

BTW, what you're doing sounds like the Pro/Process module (is that still around?) to document the manufacture of an assembly.
Filters would be my guess as well. We do similar and any part we don't want showing in the bom we prefix dum just for an example. Then we filter all the dum parts.


Thanks for your replies. I'll give this a try!

Sorry, for my late reply.. Just got back from Holidays.

Kind regards


Another way would be to create subassemblies of the build.

Then, when you generate the BOM table for those subassemblies only the parts you are building will populate your BOM table for each respective sheet.

What is happening is that since your TOP LEVEL ASSEMBLY is being used in every sheet, the BOM table keeps reading all those parts every time.

Also, remember to SET the MODEL to the subassembly you want BOM TABLE to read from. If you leave your TOP LEVEL ASSEMBLY set then the BOM TABLE will continue to display the entire TOP LEVEL ASSEMBLY part data.

I hope this helps.