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part line preload with library assy


New member
I am trying to use mold base library mold assembly in a mold layout. How do I modify the assembly to achieve part line pre-load? I am using DME 7 7/8 X 7 7/8, assembly A_88_N.asm. The assembly has a datum plane named OFFSET that is driven by a parameter. Altering the parameter will move the A half by that amount. I need to move both halves an equal distance from the part-line. I tried redefining the location of the housing by the pre-load amount since everything on the B side seems to be tied to this components location. That worked until I tried to move the A side. Something is going on I can't figure out. Is anyone familiar with using these assemblies? I am using 2001.

Thanks for the help.


New member
I don't use ProE's moldbase library. I have built my own over the years. My preloads are controlled independently for A or B side.

Parameters control dimension through relationships, so if you don't like what the parameter is doing, comment out the relationship statement that is using it. Then it is a matter of discovering how the plates are assembled and modifying it.


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