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Part Instances in a Assy family table


New member
I have a part with a family table to it. And I have the same part in an assembly. Now I want to make a family table of the assembly, with the different instances of that one part. Is it possible? What is the 'element' that I am supposed to add to the assy family table, so that I can substitute it with different values (ie. different instances).



New member
Yes, it's possible - here's what you do:

Create a family table at the assembly level, and select the family tabled item to create a column (I assume you've gotten this far). Now, what you want to do is get rid of the standard Y/N setting, right? To do this, select Tools -> Replace Using -> Family Member. A dialog box comes up with your part's family table, so just select the one you want in that instance and voila!

Hope it works out for you.


New member
Thanks very much Xandu. That worked like a charm! I wonder whether I'd have gotten a solution this quick from the PTC Tech support. Thanks again!