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Part created from igs file


New member
I've downloaded an iges file from a vendor, opened it in proe and saved a copy to my required part (prt). This part is assembled in an assembly (asm) and the asm is later attached to a drw.

When I print this drawing, the part that was brought in from the igs file is printed with heavier lines than the rest of the drawing.

I'm not sure if this has to do with the pen table, quilts or manufacturing volumns? The only reason I mention these are because they all have something to do with the color of the part in question, magenta.

Do I need to bring this part from the iges file differently or even bring in a different file format? I really don't want to change the pen table because we have it set to use magenta to show us of dimensions that have lost their references.

Any help on this is appreciated -
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New member
Try to make a solid of your imported geometry by "use quilt", then your lines will be the same as for normal parts. (You most likely will have to repair gaps in your import feature first....


New member
Redefine the import feature of the part, choose "attributes" and choose "Make Solid". Don't know if this will fix your problem and not sure why the line styles are thicker for the IGES part?


New member
AS far as i have experienced, proe is not good in dealing with iges files. Ankari is right in saying that try to convert iges into solid, i am sure that ur prob wd be solved. however if it gives u problem in the first attempt try opening the iges in solid works(better than proein dealing with iges) or some other software and then save it again as iges. Now open this iges in proe. remeber NO HARD n FAST RULES when it comes to iges. Also, if u fail in one version of proe say wf, try some release of proe2001

best of luck