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part colour in a family table


New member
I need to assemble several instances of the same part, but in different colours.I believe you can do this by specifing the colour as a parameter using family tables. How do I do this? I recall seing this on a proe web site somewhere but can't rememeber what site.
My suggestion would be to open each part into a window, change the color (view>model setup>color and appearance) of each part, save them, and then look in your assembly to see if they were changed. The color of the part is associated with the instance, not the generic. It worked for me.

I have heard myself that if you set a parameter (for example : color) and added to the family table you will then be able to set different colors to each instance.

But i know that Pro/e doesn't accept this parameter and as result you cannot add it to the family table.

As i know you cannot set different colors to the instances of a family table.

A tip is to create a surface>copy, to the instances you want to have with different color and set the colors to the surface.

This tip it is not very efficient but it is a solution and brings a result.


Maybe I don't understand the problem, but can't you simply assemble the instances and then set each to a different color in the assembly? View > Model Setup > Color and Appearance.


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