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Parasolid Export?


New member
I noticed that the pre-released version of Wildfire allows for opening of Parasolid files directly (.x_t, .xmt_txt, etc.).

Has anyone ran across any indication that released version of Wildfire will be able to export these file types as well? If so, will it be a separate module like the CATIA ATB feature or will it be part of the foundation package?

Additionally, are any of the Parasolid formats listed drawing exports or only model?
I just listened to a PTC webcast in which the moderator said the export function to Parasolids within Wildfire will be included in the maintenance release # 20030100 (April 2003?).

I was under the impression from the webcast that it would be included in the Foundation package, not as a separate module.

All Wildfire releases until 20030100 only imports Parasolids files.
In order to export files to a Parasolid format the public hidden option of 'enable_parasolid_export' should be set to 'yes'. This is a new option for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire and is not available in previous releases. It is, however, important to realize that the export side of the processor has not been rigorously tested and may produce unexpected results.
OK, it works. I did a simple pin that I'm doing in my Wildfire class and saved a copy as .x_t (parasolid) and then I opened UG V18 and imported that parasolid. It looks great.

Steve C
I am looking for conversion from WildFire 2003051 to x_t Parasolid format. Could any one please help me.
In Wildfire, File -> Open -- change the type to parasolid and then find the parasolid in question. If you want to go the other way, File -> Save a Copy and pick the parasolid extension. You need to have version 2003170 or later to accomplish this.

Steve C


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