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How do you import parameters into a model from a file? I go to the parameter editor, and every time i try to paster the parameters in from the file i want, it just inserts the default parameters
ProE parameters interface is improved but still not very flexible as far as creating and changing parameters and types, or adding multiple parameters quickly.

For instance, I needed to create multiple parameters that were in groups of three, and couldn't be sure of the naming convention I wanted to use until I had them all layed out and made several changes to the naming scheme and data type. I did this in a text file and wanted to past them in, but couldn't in the parameter UI. This is part of the parameters I had:

order yes_no

order_release string

order_placed string

order_received string

blank yes_no

blank_release string

blank_complete string

htreat yes_no

htreat_release string

htreat_complete string

mill yes_no

mill_release string

mill_complete string

lathe yes_no

lathe_release string

lathe_complete string

Having recently experimented with Pro/Program I recealled that when I added parameters in the input section of the part program, it had automatically created them in the part, and they were accessible through UI. So I simply cut and pasted the text into the input section, applied the changes, verified they existed through the UI, and went back and deleted them out of the input section of the part program file. (This does not remove them, they must be individually deleted through the UI once they are created!)