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... I have made sense of badly perhaps.

I need to recover the quantity of a present part in an asm to use her/it in a relationship of asm.



I'm not sure how to do with a paremeter, but you could do it in a custom BOM format... You could create a parameter in every component called 'unit' and set it to '1' for every part. Then create a custom BOM table that displays this parameter and sums them all up at the end.

Here's some tips on custom BOM formats:

This could also be done on a drawing using a repeat region summation parameter... but the parameter will only be available in the drawing:

From Rev-20 Users Guide:

Using the Summation command in the TBL REGIONS menu, you

can add a summation parameter to the drawing and include it in a note, or delete the summation parameter from the drawing.

How to Obtain a Summation of the Parameter Values of a Repeat Region

1. Choose TABLE > Repeat Region > Summation.

2. Select a region in the drawing; then choose TBL SUM > Add.

3. Select a report parameter in the repeat region.

4. Type a parameter name. You must select a table cell in which to place the parameter. The system adds a new parameter to the drawing whose value is the summation of the values of the selected report parameter.

Note: The parameter is like any other parameter that is

accessible using Parameters in the DWG SET UP

menu, except that you cannot modify or delete it.

5. When the system prompts you to update the value, choose TBL REGIONS > Update Tables. The system updates the table and the makes the summation parameter visible.

Note: To update the summation parameter, you must use

Update Tables.

-Brian Adkins


One example would be for totaling the cost of all the parts in an assembly. This could be shown in the INFO/BOM function or on an assembly drawing.

-Brian Adkins

Here is an image from the users guide:

View attachment 303


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.. Ok I make sense of better me and I apologize me for possible errors in the message, the same is translated by Italian into English in automatic.

I have it needs her/it to know in an asm the quantity of the prt, for example called pippo, how many times you/he/she has been assembled, the everything always in the environment of asm and not in the sketch or in report or drawing etc. etc. The number that I go to recover I have to use him/it in a relationship of asm.




I see... So you want to know how many instances of a specific part model exist in a given assembly...

Without some kind of custom toolkit application, I'm pretty sure this is not possible. However, there may be someone out there with more pro/program experience than me, but I can't think of how to do it in pro/program either.

However... that being said, if this was a critical business issue for you and you have some DOS batch file experience... you could write a mapkey/batch file combination that would do the following:

1. User starts mapkey

2. Mapkey then loads custom bom format

3. Mapkey then creates and saves bom to working directory

4. Mapkey then kicks off batch file

5. Batch file reads bom text file to obtain a list of parts and total quantities

6. Batch file uses this information to create a trail file

7. Batch file finishes and control returns to Mapkey

8. Mapkey runs the trail file created in step 6

9. Trail file creates/modifies a separate parameter for each component and assigns it a value equal to the quantity for that part.

This method would not be automatic and you would need to run the quantity parameter update mapkey whenver you wanted updated numbers.

not a great solution, but it is something you could write yourself if required... Otherwise, I'd look into a toolkit application.

-Brian Adkins