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Parameters and Relations


I am looking for a little assistance with some nagging problems on relations and parameters. I have created an analysis feature (of an assembly) that calculates certain values in a relation. I want to use these values (real numbers) to be available as parameters of the assembly. For the prompted value of the parameter, I used the variable:fid_analysis_feature and the parameter took the correct value. However, it does not seem to update the value of the parameter when the values in the analysis feature change; not what I wanted. :-(

I also want the values in a sketch feature (of the assembly) to take the values from the parameter times a scaling factor. Now, if the parameters don't take the value from the analysis feature, I am not updating the sketch feature's values either. Also, I can't seem to edit the relations driving the length of the sketch. The relations do not show up as relations of the assembly, or the feature. Strange?!

One more thing: I also want to create text (in the sketch feature) that will show the value of the parameter.

I have checked the Pro/E help and can not find out how to do these things. What am I missing? I am using Pro/E 2001. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Best regards,

Matthew Ian Loew
Part relations are always calculated at the beginning of a regeneration cycle. See if you have to regenerate twice for the parameter update.

Be sure you are checking the values of the parameter from the Info pull-down menu and not the model tree. From my experience, values shown in the model tree don't always update.

Try cutting out the middle man. Have your sketch relation be driven by the analysis feature variable directly, instead of the parameter.

As for having your text be dependent on the value of the parameter, I don't know of a way of doing that. Check your Pro/Program and see if the code holds the value of your text. If so, then you may be able to edit Pro/Program. If not, then I don't think it can be done.