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Parameter Creation


New member

I have a simple family table PEM nut part file - 1 generic and 135 instances. It was created outside of our Intralink environment and does not have our standard, start part model parameters. When I add the parameter to this model and designate it, I would think I'd be able to give it a new value in Intralink which is where we put the values for all of user defined part parameters that show on our drawings.

It will not take the change. Am I doing something wrong or is one not able to do what I'm trying to do? Does it have to do with the fact that it's a family table object?


Brad Hacker

ME CAD Admin

Zebra Technologies Corp.
I answered my own question per what I had already written on our BP intranet site - can you say ready, fire, aim! (I gotta go home!)

The inability to modify the majority of attributes of family table objects in an Intralink WS is intended functionality of the program. One can only modify Revision, Branch, Release Level and Description in the WS browser. Therefore, one has to perform the entry of attribute information for generics and instances in Pro/E itself via SETUP, PARAMETERS. This opens the Parameters dialog box where you can simply double click any cell under the VALUE column to enter the information for the generic or instance.

User-defined attributes in Intralink that have a drop-down list to select a value (i.e., a list of values in Intralink) must have the same, exact value in Pro/E must be entered EXACTLY the way it appears in the drop-down list. Also, all of these drop-down attributes must be DESIGNATED (just like all other non-drop-down list attributes) in the generic model prior to Intralink accepting and showing the value in your WS and CS table displays. Revision, Branch, Release Level and Description are system attributes and as such can't be designated although the value for Revision and Release Level must also match EXACTLY one of the values in their respective drop-down lists.

Whatever values the generic attributes are set to via , all the instances will automatically inherit. If an instance attribute is changed in Pro/E, the other instances and the generic will also inherit that value for that attribute. The downside of changing attributes in the instance is that an . xpr file will be generated in your WS if a certain option is set to a certain value. If this does occur, simply delete these . xpr files from your WS.

Bottomline - change all your attributes (except Revision, Branch, Release Level, Description) for all family table members in the generic in Pro/E. The generic and all the instances should contain the same attribute values. There will be situations that arise where one instance has to be raised to a certain revision while the others will stay at the revision they are currently at. This will not be a problem due to the fact that this unique attribute can be changed in the WS browser and not affect the other instances or the generic.