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paint ball


Im more than happy to help out a fellow paintballer. but I also need to know what type of gun you plan so show off, I have modeled an angel, cocker, shocker, impulse, spyder, and e-matrix.

Rock on!

Hey, how about showing them off on this website? Contact me if you want to put them on Pro/E Central. (if not proprietary)


Jason Turk

Pro/E Central Administrator
Hello Speling,

I am interested to know more about modeling of real guns, I request you please guide me

thank you


Wow! that would be great if you were able to put them up on the web here. I have a black dragon that I am thinking about heavily moding/remaking. I want to make it easier to hold and switch hands. And in the process would like to see how some of the other makers are set up. The e-matrix would be very interesting to see.



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