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overwrite existing model with local copy


New member
I'm unable to overwrite existing model with local copy. Previously i could bring the existing model into my workspace and then retrieve the local and save it to overwrite it. Now it tells me saving will overwrite the existing one but there's no way to make it do it.
Here is how to bring in local copy to modify existing part.
1. Create a new new Workspace.
2. Open the local file and save. This should create a new part in Workspace.
3. Search for existing part in Commonspace and add to Workspace. Make sure 'Reuse modified workspace content' is checked. This will bring the meta-data to Workspace and keep the cad data.
4. Part's status should be 'Modified locally' instead of 'New'. Check-out the part and check-in the part.
When working on work shared project, save your work often, accompany ... the changes you made to your local copy are saved to the central model. ... As to embroider a file-based work shared central model on a file system.

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