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overmolded parts


New member
How do you create parts with plastic overmoldings.

If created as an assembly the base part and the overmolding both need to be modelled however in reality the overmolded plastic does not exist as an individual component. It only comes into existance on the completed part.

If the finsished article is modelled as a part then individual base and overmolding cannot be colored individually or show up in sections etc.

i.e I have a steel rod which is to be plastic insulated. The base rod and the completed part both have part numbers but the plastic (as an individual item) does not. Can the plastic overmolding exist in the assembly only.




New member
You can use same method as for casting- machining model.
Put your steel rod and a empty part in anassembly.
Merge the steel part into the empty part, now you can model your plastic features around the merged geometry.

This will give you only two parts, the assembly can be deleted.