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Overiding constraint snap


New member
Is there a way to override the snap to constraints when sketching with out doing it in the intent manager? A hot key perhaps?

When sketching with a lot of entities and references it can get quite maddening to watch you sketch jump all over the place, or get distorted as pro-e tries to snap to things you may not even have the cursor close to.


New member
When the constraint "preview" appears; RMB to exclude, <SHIFT+RMB> to accept and use.

Might look at the config option sketcher_rel_accuracy. I'm not sure about this, but think it has a default value of 1. Setting the value higher or lower seems to affect changes in the range of the pick aperature (how far does the solver look for a constraint possible).

Lastly, zooming in so so many possibles are not be calced can help.


New member
The mapkey's an easy enough thing to do.


This one is configured to turn off all sketcher constraints and leave the dialog open so you can re-activate some if you want. It could also be set up to toggle all on / all off (manually edit and delete the true / false integer), simply open the dialog, etc.

Set sketcher_rel_accuracy to a small value, i.e. 0.25 to reduce the snap aperature size.

sketcher_point_on_entry seems to preclude point on curve coincident constraints. Allows coincident vertices, RMB to dis-allow as they occur.

sketch_same_point_skamp; don't know what that one does.


You may want to try simplifying your model, hide or suppress extraneous features. I also recommend making multiple features with simple, robust sketches over making one complex feature with lots of section elements.