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Overal System Issues With Pro Engineer


New member
Dear Pro...

I am starting a new job and am scheduled to learn Pro Engineer in a few weeks. Although individual training is important, we will need some significant help with the overall programmatic issues:

1. Model database or tool box for mil spec items such as fasteners - drag and drop into model.

2. Model and drawing control accross multiple designers, etc.

3. Integration of old legacy drawings into new models and control of mixed legacy and new drawings.

We are in the process of bidding multiple jobs and will be needing the above mentioned help ASAP. Any help you can provide with the above mentioned issues would be appreciated.

Michael D. Aesoph, PE


New member
> 3. Integration of old legacy drawings into new models and

> control of mixed legacy and new drawings

You're going to need another CAD package for this. Hopefully the one that the legacy data was created on is available. Pro/E is terrible at importing features. If you have a STEP translation of a true solid you're good to go. However the imported model will not be modifiable in any meaningful sense.

Autobuildz is still in the development stage. It's so buggy PTC won't even provide tech support to maintenance customers. I've heard it's built into Wildfire 2.0 so they'll either have to get it working or scrape it before the production release.

Pro/E allows import of 2D data into sketches which is the only way to build intelligent models from existing data. You'll have to massage the legacy data into a 2D format and save it as an AutoCAD .dwg file. Even then it's very annoying since you cann't turn off the intent manager when importing and the system will often move features on the assumption that they should be aligned.

A hint I can give you is to drop the imported data off center of where it really belongs and then use the dimension constraints to align it properly. Another hint is to select a set of lines that are close to the outline of the part as part of the imported sketch data. This will help get the scale somewhat close. You'd think there would be an import 1:1 don't more anything thankyou option but it's there it's very well hidden.

The only other thing I can add is bite the bullet and implement Intralink ASAP (or PDM of your choice). It'll be a bigger nightmare the longer you wait.



New member
maesoph, I have to agree with bhayden that it will be hard to internally (company wise) generate your existing legacy data drawings into new models using Pro/E, and i strongly agree with obtaining a PDM, especially Pro/Intralink to manage the files of Pro/E. Pro/Intralink is an initial investment cost, but worth it in the long term, especially between mulitple designers that have to access common data/managment (just pick the right license for your company (single site or multi-site, to save future hassle and money). Pro/E has many relationships (parent-child) that can be hard to handle without good management. Another benfit for your sake with Pro/Intralink is that if you need to you can import most legacy drawings into the Pro/I database to easily manage that data along with Pro/E data, its pretty flexible in that regard. As far as model libraries, in regards to mil-spec items especially, ptc's model libraries can be bought and implemented easily, but not always containing the items you need and you can't always total rely on exacting dimensions that are current to mil-specs. Sometimes it is just better to create your own libraries for the mil-spec items important to you. Although, it may be a good starting point.


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