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Out of memory...


New member
Dear Everyone,

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I'm newbie here...
Firstly, I apologize for my bad English.
Our company uses Unigraphics NX 2, and we have a new problem....

The drawn file had not been able display the computer, so we upgraded
the PC to 4 GB of DDR2 RAM. After that we get the following message:

Error occured during display of part.
Out of memory in Storage Manager.

After click on OK, the drawing display, but some part is missing.
Do anyone have an idea, what the solution of this problem????

The PC is now: Intel P4 Dual Core, 2x 3000MHz, 256 mb video card,
4 gb Kingmax DDR2 ram, 120 gb winchester, Biostar main board 965PT,
Windows XP Home SP2

Thank You very much,
greetings from Hungary


New member
I had a problem like this before and some guy from GTAC told me to add aline in file c:\boot.ini.

After line looking like this:

[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional /


3GB" /fastdetect /3GB

Without this line even though you have 4GB of phisical memory XP will use about 2GB. That line will expand it to 3GB.

Make copy of existing boot.ini and be careful with changes, because you mayhave booting problem if you change something the wrong way.

Good luck


New member
Hi there,

Similar problem here, just replaced the hardware, and now NX2 crashes everyday or so.

The "/3GB" solution is present but does not work.



New member
Hi there,

and thanks "szamgd", it works greatly!!!!! Thanks again,

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greetings from Europe, Hungary

Ferenc Foldes, Jr.


New member
Hi Ferenc,

I don't know how things work in NX2 but maybe you should try running PART CLEANUP on your files, carefully deleting the things you no longer use. If you have to have 4 GB of RAM just to display your parts...that's not good. I am making very complex, free-form shapes in NX 5 and I only have 2 GB of RAM in my machine...

Sziastok from Canada,


New member
Hello bluehelmet,

we had only 1 Gb of memory, and after first time had displayed the quoted error message, we thought it might be the memory is not enough. So, we bought 4 gb of RAM (here is not too expensive).

So, I'm happy about you write me, especially the "sziasztok" :) I have a friend, who is a reverend, is stay in Canada at this moment.

have a nice day,


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