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orthographic projections help needed here

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Hello all,

I am not an engineer, in fact,I'm studying for dentistry. For me to get into dental school, I must do well on DAT (Dental Admission Test), and part of that test includes a section on orthographic projections.

The questions will be set-up as follows: Of the three views (Top, Front, End), only two will be given. And then we must choose the correct third view. It is all muliple choice.

I am familiar with all of the rules, with dotted lines, and solid lines, etc, but for some reason, I am not very good at these kinds of problems.

Would you be able to provide me with some tips and tricks on how to do well.

I was wondering if I could have some kind of step by step procedure on how to tackle these problems.

I know that if there is any place that I can get help, it is an engineer forum, which brings me here as my last hope. A lot of my Pre-Dentistry friends are also having a tough time.

Thank You,



New member

It is something that you get better with the more you do it, like most everything else.

You didn't say what type of drawings will be on the test. I'm taking it that they will be teeth... I got one right now that just hanging on a thread.. tomorrow I get it pulled :)

Anyway look for some common feature that is giving you a reference to another view... saythat filling that is rear close to an edge in the side view and real distinct but and in the top view it's real thin but the distance to the common reference edge is the same

answer the ones that you are sure of first then... rule out the ones that are obiviously wrong.. narrow the field...

before hand.... get out some pencil and paper and just draw some things... get the artist side of you working... close you eyes and imagine what it wold look like from a diiferent point of view....... You can do it :)
Not open for further replies.