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origin point and planes problem


New member
hy im ivan and im new on this forum. i dont know if there is similar topic already in this forum bat if there is i apologize. i have catia v5r16.
i want to ask u how can i move central point and planes in center of part that im working on ? i want to do a symmetry from one side to another but i dont know how to put origin and planes in middle....
Are you askingabout how to move the system origin (you said as "central point") to your model center?? CANNOT

the system origin never moves, always at (0,0,0). Same case to the three reference planes, xy, yz & xz.If we create a symmetric model, we would draw a half model on one side of a reference plane, then use the plane as the mirror plane to duplicate the opposite half. this is a normal practice.

Otherwise, you need to create an offset plane as a mirror plane, before making "symmetry"


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