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Order of Preference for CONFIG files


New member

My memory fails me...

What is the order of precedence that Pro/E reads files? That is, which directories does it look to for files and in what order? Does it do this for ALL files of the type *.pro and *.dtl?



Proe reads in configuration files for the following directories in this order :

The file in the LOADPOINT directory,

The file in your home directory,

The file in your start up directory.

For the *.dtl files you can point proe where to look for them, from the drawing intercace (Advanced, Draw Setup), you can
In addition to XCAD's explanation, Pro/E first reads config.sup in the loadpoint directory and then the in the load point directory before the others. This is important because company standards can be stored in the config.sup . These settings can not be overridden by later config files. Therefore no mapkeys should be in the config.sup but reside in the in the loadpoint dir. This allows users to create their own mapkeys.


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