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Oracle and Win2K Terminal Services Client


New member
I've had a problem with Intralink 3.3 and Win2K Terminal Services Client on my dataserver machine. I found a TPI (115081) that discusses several Oracle error messages and that Oracle is not supported or has limited support with versions 8.1.6.x or 8.1.7.x. My question is: Is this a problem within the Intralink structure using a certain version of Oracle or is it a problem within Oracle that THEY are fixing?

Steve C
Are you using the multi-user Terminal Server Edition n of Windows? If you've gotten FlexLM to run as a service rather than a user job you've gotten farther than we've been able to.

Bernie Hayden

Not sure Bernie about the multi-user edition, will check. I was able to stop the ilink service from my mahcine, but I could never start it again. Actualy, I had one of the IT guys take me into the server room to perform these simple procedures, but to no avail. We then un-installed Terminal Services from the Data Server/File Server and then everything worked as planned. I'm not sure what happened when we first installed Intralink 3.3, because everything worked fine during our testing.

Steve C