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optimize study problem


New member
Hi friends!

Have anyone ever faced the message tell you that the model or geometry are invalidwhen performing an optimisation study? I'd investigated thedimension changes thoroughly (using dsgn controls>shape review and shape animate...) all models and geometries are ok!

Can anyone help me.



mesh the model and save the mesh

use shape animate to change the shape of the part, return to AutoGEM and when queried, choose to update the mesh

If AutoGEM reports that elements have become invalid and wishes to create new ones, then i suppose this is your problem

do this and right down the results


New member

I'd tried as you show me...

I used shape animate to vary all dimension. The mesh was updated successfully. Everything seems allright. But when I ran the study, the same error raised!

I can send you myasm if you want to!

Any other help appreciated!