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opening of pro/e models in commercial version


New member
can any know how to open the pro/e educational version models in the pro/e commercial versions?

You can't open the pro/e educational version models with the commercial pro/e directly. You need educational version module. But, you can open the model if the educational version models are in IGES format.

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hi. i used to work at a place where we upgraded from Pro/E educational to commercial. I asked the question to PTC as i didn't want to loose my models and there was a Pro/E Converter available around V20. The software came from PTC and obviously you need to be paying maintennance etc etc can open commercial in educational....
People should understand about the Student Edition and its limitations.

The following is verbatim from the Pro/E 2000i^2 Student Edition Installation Guide (Journey Publishing document #699662773157):

-Pro/Engineer 2000i^2 Student Edition does not have access to floating point options.

-Plotted deliverables generated using Pro/Engineer 2000i^2 Student Edition will display a plot banner along the four page borders indicating that the object being printed was created with an educational version of Pro/Engineer. This banner will be present on Pro/Engineer plotted deliverables including drawings.

-Pro/Engineer 2000i^2 Student Edition will not read or write trail files.

-CDROM in Drive: Pro/Engineer 2000i^2 Student Edition will only run when a user has the application CDROM in the local Drive. The Student Edition CD must remain in the local drive during the users entire session.

-Pro/Engineer 2000i^2 Student Edition is compatible with -Pro/Engineer 2000i^2 Education Edition found in your labs. To transfer files to the commercial version of Pro/Engineer, you must use a neutral file format.

Talk about IGES data compatibility had me excited until I realized that I had the STUDENT version, not the EDUCTION version.


I have recently purchased the Pro/E & Pro/M Student Edition bundle for personal training purposes. I have succesfully exported and imported several IGES files between Pro/E Student Edition and various other packages.

This might help. can open commercial in educational....

How? I have ProE2001-student edition... I have 2 CD's with screws,... but i can't open them, because they are created with the commercial version...


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