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OpenGL acceleration uner WinXP (Voodoo3 / GeForce2 MX)


New member
my general question is how to activate opengl acceleratoin in pro/e. more specifically, i did find the 'graphics' option, but it didn't seem to make any difference until pro/e decided to start redrawing the part once a second even though i'm not spinning it. is there some way to confirm what graphics mode it's currently running in? my system is a dually celeron 533/512mb/geforce2 mx200 64mb running pro/e 2001 student under windows xp. so far i haven't gotten anything other than about 3 frames per second while rotating even simple parts (e.g., an extrusion with 4 round cuts and a fillet). any help would be greatly appreciated.


Oregon State University

Formula SAE

This should be easily fixed. It's all to do with the graphics card driver alowing the user to have access to the unified back/depth buffer switch.

Go to the web site:

Down load the driver for you OS. The fix is actualy for solid works but the problem is for all cad softarwe using OpenGL acceleration on non professional graphics cards.

Also as a background to problem have a look at:



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