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New member
Wouldn't it be slick if under the File pull down there was a flyout that had objects related to the current model. So, for instance, with a part file open you'd seen any related drawings and/or next level of assembly.

I think this is where they're going with the 3.3 release of Intralink.

Bernie Hayden



New member
Took a quick look at the TOOLKIT app. It's not something I really need. A Report > Where Used query in Intralink will tell me if there is a drawing for a specific part or assembly and I can open the file from the Intralink results browser window. It would be a time save though if you didn't have to wait for the File Open pop up to load and then scroll through all the files in the workspace.

It looks like PTC is moving toward closer integration of Intralink and Pro/E with the Wildfire and 3.3 release. It would be a nice touch if the files most likely to be retrived next were at your finger tips like the previously openned files are.