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Open Ansys with the Pro/E


New member
I'm trying open Ansys with the Pro/E but, I installated with the ANSYS_ADMIN after the instalation appear like SUCESSFULL but when I open the Pro/E, nothing appear.

Whats wrong?

PS.: Pro/E - version 2001

Ansys - version 7.0

Andre Almeida


New member
I met the same problem. But I found the file '' both in ansys directory and pro/e directory. My problem is that the virsions. My ansys is ansys_workbench 8.1 and my Pro/E is wildfire for education.

And here is the code of the file'' --- PROTKDAT C:\Programme_Anwendungen\Ansys Inc\v81\AISOL\CAD Integration\ProE\text\Pro2001PlugIn.dat