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Okuma post processor


New member
We have had great success with post-processors from Ground Support in the Bay Area. Paul should be able to help you. We found it was much less expensive than doing it ourselves. We use their posts for lathes and mills, and have had zero problems. If you can't find them I'll get you their number.


New member
You may contact Mike Nye at http://www.proactiveservices.com or 913-642-5038 Fax 913-642-8415 or Larry 614-421-5235 . These guys are fantastic and can make the Pro/E a simple fun even for an ABC user. Mike writes the best Post for any machine and trains new users. These guys are really fantastic.With them You may be proficient in a matter of one week. Believe me all my guys are now using Pro/E for programs for Mill-turns and Milling centers. And they love it