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Offset xhatching


New member
I've got two issues:

1) Offset xhatching does not show up in views while in assembly mode.

2) You can't use an offset xhatching, that was created in the generic, in the instance. Is this because references are missing?

Do any of you Wildfire users know if this has been fixed in Wildfire?



New member
1. Offset crosshatching must extend past every component in your assembly. Redefine the offset cross section and watch for errors in your Text Window.

2. Don't know if this is a Wildfire bug, just goes back to answer 1, make sure your offset cross section extends past each component in the assembly. Instead of aligning the ends of the offset cross section, try a dimension that definately extends past all components in the assembly.

Another common problem is the cross section, wether it be straight or offset, might create a segment smaller than your accuracy. When this happens, you must move the cross section by a very small amount in order for the section hatching to show. Otherwise, you get no hatching and no errors.


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